Lights Out – Movie Review

Lights Out was made into a feature-length movie after its short went viral around social media, YouTube, and Facebook to be specific. The story is about a family, a mom, and her two kids, who are being haunted by a ghost that only comes out once the lights are off.

This is one of the good horror movies you can watch. It’s better than you might expect it to be. After watching the short, you might think to yourself that you don’t need this. Let me tell you, you need to give this movie a chance. If you haven’t already.

Instead of focusing on the ghost and the scares, the story is good for what the movie has to offer. It surrounds itself with the mother who is not feeling all too well, and it’s scaring her two kids. As they try to help her mom, a ghost is in their way causing some good scares. The suspense is there with some new creative ways along with its good cinematography.

The performances are good from everyone, I bought what was going on. Credits to the writers for taking the characters seriously than most horror movies. It has characters that we can root for, and not ones who want to watch die. Some of us might dislike Teresa Palmer’s character for being confused at certain times. I don’t see that as a problem. I would be in a similar situation. Imagine being away from your family and now you’ve got two problems: a mom going insane and something you can’t see. What took me by surprise is the boyfriend. In most horror movies, the love interest isn’t as important as they should but it changes here. I’m bored with watching child characters making poor decisions, but he’s great in Lights Out. Hopefully, he will get more roles in the future.

The ghost looks all too similar, for me at least. It looks okay but I believe it can look a lot better. It’s just too generic for my liking. I’m not telling you it’s not scary, it is, but can look a lot scarier. If you’ve seen a lot of horror movies, the ghost is just forgetful. Take a look at The Conjuring 2 for example. It has a creepy nun as their ghost. How many times have we seen a demonic nun?

Overall, Lights Out is a horror movie that should be on your list. It’s Halloween season and if you’re looking for a movie to watch, this one should be on there. It has good characters, decent scares, it’s well shot, and it’s not time-consuming.

Final Score: 4/5

Thank you so much for reading. Horror movies can be a hit or miss, but with Lights Out is defiantly a hit. Until next time, stay caffeinated!

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